SOA Watch Convergence at the Border October 7-10, 2016: Nogales, Arizona & Nogales, Mexico


Please add your name to the list of endorsers for the SOA Watch Convergence at the U.S./ Mexico Border in October 2016:

We need to build broad-based grassroots power across borders, and push back against the racist status quo, that is being kept in place by violence and militarization. Social justice activists are being targeted for assassination and state repression throughout the Americas. People from Mexico and Honduras to Colombia, continue to be forced to flee from U.S. trained repressive security forces, only to be confronted with a militarized border, racist immigration laws, and xenophobic rhetoric in this election cycle. Stand on the side of mutual aid and solidarity, join us from October 7-10, 2016 in Nogales, Arizona/ Sonora, build power for a culture shift, and show your support by endorsing the Convergence at the Border here:

Click here to view a list of organizational endorsers.

P.S. Please donate generously to help pull off this mobilization for justice and self-determination:

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